Hey there! It’s nice to meet you. Thanks for taking the time to visit my little blog today. My name is Margaret. I’m a high school student from Oregon who has always had a passion for travel. This summer I was given the chance to spend two weeks in Ahmedabad, India with AFS Intercultural Programs. I’ll be living with a host family, learning about Indian culture, and experiencing countless new adventures. With my departure less than two weeks away, I got to thinking about how I would share this journey, and the many I hope to take in the future, with my friends and family back home. Instead of posting lengthy Facebook updates that would eventually become lost in the void of the Internet, I decided to start a blog. So here we are! While I’m not traveling constantly (I am still in school after all) I hope to post daily whenever I do travel and share my plans and thoughts for future adventures in the meantime. The name, Earth Cover to Cover, was chosen for two reasons: one, there is a beautiful quote by St Augustine (you can find it in the blog’s tagline) about the world being a book which I find beautiful and two, I was a very shy kid. Growing up I always had my nose in a book because the world was a scary place, but through books I could travel to magical far-off lands and cast myself as the heroine in epic tales. Now, I’m determined to step out of my comfort zone and create my own stories. I hope you’ll join me as I experience our amazing planet, cover to cover.


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