Chapter 1 – India 

नमस्ते! Hello! In ten days I will be departing on a brand-new adventure for two weeks in Ahmedabad, India. Asia is new territory for me and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be traveling with AFS Intercultural Programs, a leader in student exchange and one of the world’s oldest exchange programs. While in India I’ll be living with a host family and experiencing as much Indian culture as possible! Yoga, henna lessons, sitar lessons, visits to temples, and who knows what else? I’ll be taking advantage of every opportunity and blogging whenever possible :) Over the next week I’ll be posting more detailed updates about the application process, my host family, and, the most dreaded part of all, packing. I can’t wait to share every bit of this journey with you guys! Check back soon for a post about the joys of the application process (I promise, I’ll make paperwork interesting). Until next time, अलविदा! Goodbye! 


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