What I’m Bringing and Why… (carry-on)

Fourteen and a half hours. That is how long I will be in a plane. 14 1/2 hours.

This will be the longest flight I’ve ever gone on, so naturally I’m over-preparing for it! I am determined to have a tolerable, if not enjoyable, flight experience. That requires a lot of THINGS. Here’s what I’m bringing in an attempt to survive this flight with my sanity intact.

My first priority is comfort. I am not interested in looking cute or stylish on this flight. The other passengers will just have to deal with it. Because of this, I’m bringing fuzzy socks, a neck pillow, and the largest, most comfortable sweatshirt I own. I will also be rocking the no-makeup and messy bun look. I considered bringing a small blanket, but decided to take my chances with the airline providing one. After all, there’s other stuff I need to bring!

When you’re on a plane for longer than a few hours, you start to feel really disgusting. Your skin is dry, you’re bloated (gross but true), and you feel like you haven’t showered in about a month. That’s where my carry-on toiletries bag comes in! In it I have deodorant, lotion, dry shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, eye mask for sleeping, tissues, oil blotting papers, a mirror, earplugs, mascara and eyeliner for when I arrive in India, and a few feminine hygiene products in case of emergency. I’m also bringing wet wipes to clean my hands (and disgusting airplane things), facial cleansing wipes so my skin doesn’t feel like paper, and a hairbrush and hair ties. Normally I would bring maybe three of these things, but since I’ll be traveling for over 24 hours I think I will be glad I expanded the list.

One of the most important parts of a successful plane trip is entertainment. I can’t count on having free seat-back entertainment on the flight, so I’m preparing for the worst. I’ll be bringing my Kindle with four new books loaded on to it as well as a new paperback book, my phone for music, earbuds, headphones, my laptop, possibly some DVDS (I haven’t decided yet), and a journal. The flight leaves at 9:30 PM so I’m counting on sleeping for at the very least two hours throughout the flight, plus I looked up the mainscreen entertainment for United and it’s all tolerable. Of course I’ll also be bringing chargers for all of my electronics and I have a portable charger that works on everything but my laptop. I’m also bringing some personality test thing that my mom got for me because she thinks it will be fun. Hi Mom.

Next up are those things that I won’t actually use in the flight but need to have. Passports, visa documents, my wallet, flight information, etc. All of my paper documents are in a folder and my passport is being kept in a small zippered pocket. If I lose any of these things I’m not getting into India, so it is in my best interest to keep track of them.

The final category is food and drink. Because it’s a long, international flight the airline does provide two meals for us. However, I always get hungry traveling plus it’s something to do. I haven’t bought my snacks yet, but I’ll most likely bring a trail mix-like thing of some sort, maybe some dried fruit, and a bar of dark chocolate for a treat. For drink I have a HydroFlask water bottle which I will fill up after security and hopefully be able to refill during the flight. I’m also bringing two packs of gum for takeoff and landing as well as any other time.

I lied, there’s one other thing I’m bringing. The way our schedule works we arrive in Ahmedabad the morning of July 27th and I believe my host family will pick me up shortly thereafter. I could be wrong, but in case I’m right I’m bringing a shirt to change into so my first impression isn’t “girl in smelly, rumpled AFS shirt.”

And there you have it! Whether you care or not, you now know everything I’m bringing with me to India. Leave a comment below if you think I’ve forgotten something crucial either in my carry-on or my checked bag! I’d love to hear your suggestions. I leave for New York first thing tomorrow morning and will be traveling pretty much all day, so it’s unlikely I’ll have a chance to post something or that there will be anything relevant enough to share. I might post something about how I’m feeling as departure day grows closer sometime in the next few days, but otherwise the next time you hear from me I’ll be about to leave on my adventure! Thanks to everyone who’s followed me so far, it means a lot. Until next time, अलविदा!


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