Departure draws closer! 

It truly is the strangest sensation knowing that  on Tuesday I’ll be off on a brand-new adventure, but that right now life feels the same as always. Surprisingly I’m not nervous yet, but I’m sure that will start soon :) I’ve had a great few days here on Long Island seeing family, going out on the water, and venturing into the Hamptons for the day! I can’t wait to head into Manhattan tomorrow to see Phantom of the Opera and hopefully spend a bit of time roaming the city. And then I leave the next day! I’m thrilled that you all have decided to join me on my travels and I promise that I will update regularly from India. If I don’t, please bug me until I do! My next update will hopefully be sometime on Tuesday depending on how things work out. Sorry it’s been dead the last few days. Family time is great, but it doesn’t make for particularly interesting blog posts. Until next time, अलविदा!


2 thoughts on “Departure draws closer! 

  1. You are such an engaging writer, Margaret! This is such a good idea: it’s like a journal, but you only have to tell your story once, instead of writing in a book AND telling people the same stories. I’ll miss you!


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