This Is It

Today’s the day. I leave for India in 8 hours. Honestly it hasn’t even fully sunk in yet. This. Is. Crazy.

Feeling official!
Feeling official!

We came into New York City from Long Island yesterday afternoon to get a brief taste of the city. We had dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Marseille and then went to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway! I love being able to say I’ve seen the longest-running show, and of course the music and vocals were incredible. What surprised me the most was the intricacy of the set! It was truly ingenious.

This morning we had a lovely breakfast with my cousin Kate and her husband, and next up is heading to the airport at 3! Some of my fellow AFSers will start arriving at Newark International any minute now and I’m going to meet them there around 4:30. We’ll then all check-in together and spend some time getting to know each other before our flight at 9:30 PM tonight. There are only five of us on the trip plus our program leader, so I’m hoping we all get along and become close. They seem awesome from the bit of talking we’ve done on Facebook! Then it’s that great 14 1/2 hour flight I mentioned a few posts ago which will take us to Delhi, followed by a VERY long layover, and then a short flight to Ahmedabad. All together it’s about 24 hours of traveling. But time changes make it oh so fun! I’m sure I’ll be fine. I have books and music, plus I want to write a blog post from the plane to post when I arrive. Gotta start updating daily now!

I’m finding it difficult to describe how I’m feeling about all this. That’s partly because, as I said earlier, it doesn’t feel real. This is always how it works for me when something huge is going to happen. I feel almost nothing, except for random bursts of excited or scared, right up until we’re on our way or about to go. That’s how it worked going to Paris with my mom in fourth grade, that’s how it worked leaving for France with my class in eighth grade, and that’s how it worked heading to Stagedoor Manor last year. It’s not a big deal until it’s a MASSIVE deal. If I had to guess, I’d say that I’ll start to feel nervous in the car on the way to the airport. Then I’ll meet everyone and get excited. I’ll be mostly just excited after that, but occasionally sheer terror will creep in. The blog post I write mid-flight will surely include bits of all that.**

**Now that I’ve said that I’m accountable to all of you to write one. I should have started blogging years ago! My productivity would be through the roof! Back to the post.**

Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading my blog and a special thank you to those who have sent me messages of encouragement or just said hi! It means so much to know that people are genuinely enjoying it and that it’s not just me on my laptop telling an empty website about my life. I would love to hear from all of you during the trip, be it through Facebook, email, comments, or just by liking a post! I can only use my phone on wifi, and there is a 12 1/2 (yes, 12 and a HALF) hour time difference between India and Oregon so responding might be sporadic. Unless you’re in Europe (which some of you are!!) in which case it’s only 3 1/2 hours! Basically if you guys could all just go to Europe it would be make my life easier, so could you get on that? Thanks :)

If I have a chance I’d like to post again later today while waiting for my flight, but I’m just going to play it by ear. Hopefully you’ll hear from me soon, but if not the next time I post I’ll be in India! Until next time, अलविदा!


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