Well That’s New – Watching Indian TV

Hey people! This is the first of my new, non-daily-update posts which I’m calling Well That’s New. India is so dramatically different from home that in everything I do I find myself surprised by little differences. So I thought I’d share them with all of you! To Indian people reading this: I love your country and mean no offense. One way is not better than the other, I’m just observing cultural differences to help both countries understand each other better!

Right now I’m watching an American movie called Chef with my host family on TV. Because it’s in English, the TV channel adds subtitles automatically and it’s giving me an interesting insight into Indian culture.

This movie is not light on cussing. But India has a more conservative culture than the U.S. so they’ve censored it accordingly. When the characters say the s-word (I’d rather not put the curse words themselves on my blog), you can hear them say it, but the subtitles say crap. When someone says “sex” it’s written as *** but the audio is still there. But when someone says the f-word, both the subtitles and the audio are censored. Same for a-hole. I find it so interesting!

We’ve also watched some Indian reality TV. Most of the ones I’ve seen are shows we also have in the U.S. There’s The Voice India, Indian Idol Junior, and an Indian version of Dancing With The Stars. As far as I can tell, the shows are basically the same except India’s versions have more sparkly lights, louder music, and more sound effects. They’re a lot of fun to watch!

Another obvious difference is that there are a lot more Bollywood movies and shows. But you knew that. They’re really great, and would probably be better if I understood what they’re saying.

And there we are! Hope you enjoyed this new type of post :) Hopefully I’ll do more in the future! Until next time, अलविदा!


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