The Best Coincidence Ever

Hey guys! My daily update will be coming later, but the craziest thing just happened and I want to share it! I’ve been showing my host sister Gaurvi some videos and songs that I like and yesterday I showed her Peter Hollens’ cover of Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. She loved it, obviously, and wanted to listen to more today! So she went to Peter’s YouTube Channel and his intro video started playing, “Everything you’re about to hear is made by the human voice and mouth. Oh ooh woah oh…” Gaurvi immediately hit pause and started freaking out. Turns out that a few years ago she had been trying to download Some Nights by fun, but had downloaded Peter’s version by mistake! She ended up really liking it and kept it, but she never knew the artist – until now! How crazy is that? These are the moments when I’m reminded of the immense power of travel and sharing cultures. 

P.S. We’re now watching Peter’s cover of Jai Ho and she gives it the Indian stamp of approval :) 


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