Hello from #thesfest16!

Hello all! Sorry for the dead space which has been this blog recently. End-of-year celebrations, finals, and prepping to leave home for six weeks can keep a girl pretty busy! As a result, the pre-trip posts I had planned to write didn’t end up happening, and I don’t foresee them coming anytime soon. Mostly because I’ve already left! I’m writing this in my dorm room at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on day three of the 2016 International Thespian Festival, a.k.a. theater geek summer camp.

So far this has been an experience full of incredible performances and wonderful friends, and I know it will only get better! The first two days were somewhat marked by exhaustion, which resulted in me taking a lot of downtime, but I’m feeling much more rested and ready to dive into all that #thesfest16 has to offer! That’s not to say I haven’t already been taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities here — I’ve been to two workshops (including one called “Siri, help me be a better actor” – so fun!) and seen some truly mind-blowing performances. I also competed in the theater marketing competition and will get those results on Saturday. I’m not expecting anything since I’m competing against the entire world, but we’ll see!

The best part of every thespian event is always the people. While it’s a bit harder to make new friends here than at our state festival, mostly due to the sheer quantity of people here, there’s still just a very friendly and excited atmosphere. Besides all of the thespians from around the world, some of my favorite Oregonians are here with me — and that might just be the best part of the whole thing. Getting to spend time with my hilarious, loving, and just plain wonderful friends is such a gift and I’m so grateful to have each and every one of them in my life. They brighten every moment and make each memory more precious and amazing than the last :)

There’s obviously more that could be said, but I think I’ll leave it at that! I’ll definitely do at least one more post about this week, however it will most likely be after my time at Festival has ended. But who knows? Maybe something unbelievably amazing will happen and I just won’t be able to resist sharing it. Anything can happen!

Until next time, goodbye!


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