The Past Week: A Summary

Hello! Seeing as I only have three full days left here in St. Wendel, I thought I should quickly update you all on my adventures. This last week has been great, a perfect mixture of excitement and relaxation. Here’s an overview of each day since the last post:


Entrance to Europa Park! 
  • Trip to Europa Park!
  • Pros: awesome people and a cool theme park.
  • Cons: Woke up at 4:30 AM and then sat on a bus for three hours to get there.
  • Intended to watch the Germany vs. Italy game but see above point re: Woke up at 4:30 AM.


  • Chill day :)
  • Went to rock-climbing gym with my host parents, did three climbs, realized I have no arm muscle, and curled up on a couch reading for two hours.
  • Took a nap, watched some Youtube, generally rested.
  • Lovely dinner with my host family.
  • FaceTimed with my mom for about two hours <3


  • No school day!
  • Went for a walk around my village in the morning — took some pictures and stopped at the bakery for a delicious treat whose name I do not know.
  • Took the bus to Neunkirchen (nearby town) with some of the other Americans and their German students to go shopping! The day was a bit gray, so it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.
  • Wonderful dinner with my host family :)


Very minimal editing went into this photo. It’s just that beautiful here. 
  • Back to school. Went to a religion class and an English class.
  • Went to Leah and Sophie’s house for a fantastic lunch.
  • The three of us visited a nearby wildlife park — so adorable, entertaining, and beautiful!
  • Hung out at Sophie’s for a while before heading home for dinner with my family.




Wednesday (today):

  • Samuel’s back! He arrived around 10:30 last night after I was asleep so the first time I saw him was this morning at breakfast.
  • There was a sports day for the younger kids at school and our students had to help out, so a group of us Americans took the train to Saarbrücken (nearby city) for the day.
  • Had a marvelous time wandering with Natalie and doing a bit of window shopping.

And now the blog has caught up with the present! Once I’m done writing this post, I’m heading out on a run around my village, possibly with Samuel, and then my host family and I are biking to a restaurant for dinner. Apparently they make really good chicken. I’ll let you know.

There are so many little moments that I want to share with you all: how everyone crowds onto the bus in the morning, subtly pushing others out of the way; the look my host mom gives me when I say I’m full because she doesn’t believe me; the joy-fear combination I feel whenever I use the little German I know; the endless conversations with the Americans about “OH MY GOD I’M EATING SO MUCH FOOD”, the chirping of birds that fills the air every second of every day, the…but I can’t write down everything. As much as I wish I could (and might regret not doing it later), it’s impossible to capture every incredible moment because I’m busy living in them. And I think that’s the best way to do it.

Until next time, tschüss!


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