Rila Is Really Pretty

I have a lot of state pride, a fact which my fellow YES Abroad Bulgaria students have learned over the past two weeks as I’ve drunk excessive amounts of water from my purple (Oregon-made) HydroFlask with the Oregon-shaped sticker that says HOME on it while waxing poetic about Oregon’s water or Oregon’s people or Oregon’s … More Rila Is Really Pretty

Living in Limbo

Culture is more than a language, a cuisine, or a shared history. It’s a mindset, an outlook, a way of operating in the world. As an outsider observing a culture, you see those within it living according to a set of guidelines to which you do not have access. It’s a surreal experience, watching the … More Living in Limbo

Tired, But Happy

The doors slide open and I roll my suitcases forward, my stomach in knots. I briefly scan the crowd of people waiting in the cavernous hall full of kiosks for rental car agencies and banners welcoming travelers to Bulgaria before my eyes settle on a homemade sign that reads, “Welcome Yes Abroad Generation 2017/2018”. This … More Tired, But Happy