I Miss the Mountains (Plovdiv + Smolyan)

Despite being less than half the size of my home state, Bulgaria has new and fascinating adventures hidden around every corner. Two weekends ago, my host mom, Nadya, and Makana’s host mom, Sevda, decided to take Lily, Makana, Makana’s host sister Devi, and I (Delaney was busy casually becoming coach of the Bulgarian national debate team) … More I Miss the Mountains (Plovdiv + Smolyan)

Reflecting and Resetting (Mid-Year Orientation)

I love living in Bulgaria. I love the people in my life, the things I do and see every day, and the opportunities I have. That said, being constantly bombarded with new experiences — yes, even six months in it feels like a infinite avalanche of unknown — is absolutely exhausting. It’s stressful not knowing … More Reflecting and Resetting (Mid-Year Orientation)

More Milestones

So far this month I have: 1) Started my 2nd and final semester of Bulgarian school, 2) Turned 19 and celebrated with a lovely lunch with friends and a Bulgarian production of Hamlet, and 3) Reached the halfway point of my YES Abroad year. Whew! It’s crazy how some weeks the most exciting thing I … More More Milestones

Копривщица, Калофер и Карлово (Winter Break Pt. 2)

Living in Sofia can make it difficult to learn about traditional Bulgarian culture and history, so I savor every chance I have to get out in the “real” Bulgaria. Unfortunately, as important as it is, school has an irritating tendency to make last-minute travel somewhat challenging. So Nadya and I took advantage of our two … More Копривщица, Калофер и Карлово (Winter Break Pt. 2)