Looking to the Future

“Senioritis: noun. A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms include: laziness and an excessive wearing of track pants, old athletic shirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and sweatshirts. Also features a lack of motivation, general irritation, and an overwhelming desire to get-the-heck-out. The only known cure is a phenomenon known as Graduation.” Unfortunately, that glorious phenomenon … More Looking to the Future

Coming Soon: Summer 2016

Ah it’s that time of year again. Oregon can’t decide what season it is, classes are slowly disintegrating into seas of chaos, prom anxieties dominate hallway conversation, and students around the country are dreaming about the magical summer that’s only just out-of-reach. With 29 days of school remaining and five weeks left in the school … More Coming Soon: Summer 2016

A Brand-New Chapter!

Hello lovelies! I have missed writing for you all so terribly. I still miss India a lot, and am so grateful to have social media to connect me with friends and family on the other side of the world, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Today, I am thrilled to announce that … More A Brand-New Chapter!

This Is It…Again 

Today’s the day. I leave India in less than 10 hours. Honestly, it hasn’t even sunk in yet. This. Is. Crazy.  My time in India has been wonderful, insane, hilarious, confusing, exciting, and fascinating. From the amazing people I’ve met and grown to love to the new foods and experiences, I wouldn’t change a thing. … More This Is It…Again 

There Are No Words 

My last day in Ahmedabad is over. I say Ahmedabad, not India, because we’re spending the day in New Delhi tomorrow. But I don’t care about that. The best and most important part of my trip is ending and I don’t know how to handle it. Today was full of reflection and, sadly, goodbyes. But … More There Are No Words